Release Date: JUNE 2004

SCHIZM - Various Artists
1. Pimperknuckle - Size 8
Chaffe Ballzak - Mexico
2. Sattel Battle - Dotman
Tsabeat, Rons + Disco Shit - Israel
3. Tamlin - Fjaqek
Jonas Henrikson - Sweden
4. Patrask - Captain Insano
Ulf Gustavsson + Erik Redman - Sweden
5. Alrune - Monkey Combat
Rune Ranthe - Denmark
6. Neuron Compost - Izilop Pop
Reece Stockhausen - Australia
7. Derango - Secret Surroundings
Jens Eriksson + Ola Eriksson - Sweden
8. The Vicious Spiral - Noiz in da Hood
Brian Moller - Denmark
9. Weird Alchemy - Fucking System
Spyros Polychronopoulos + John Spiridakis - Greece


After scouring the globe tirelessly for the last 3 years, searching for the malcontent misfits producing genre-busting, psycho-funkadelic, alcoholic trance, the debut compilation 'Schizm' is set to ignite the hearts and minds of dancers worldwide. Channelling celestial sounds through both spores and silicon, Schizm explores new stratospheres of psycho-sonic stimuli, bringing to you an eclectic blend of brain-busting beats designed to destroy your mind and decimate the dancefloor!!!

Opening in Mexico with PimperKnuckle's electro-jazz fuelled venture into freakdom - Size 8, we continue down the groovy road to Israhell, where merry groovemeisters Sattel Battle are shaking their booties to the sounds of the Dotman. In Sweden, things are getting very strange in newcomer Tamlin's studio - we don't know what he did in there to create this Fjaqek, but if you like your grooves demented, you'll love this! Still in Sweden, we are hit with Redlos and Weirdo Beardo's new project - Patrask. Captain Insano is bound to lift you from your confusion & send you flying to the dancefloor. Slightly south in Denmark, Alrune takes us on a mystical journey full of Hindu gods and scruffy pirates, preparing our minds and bodies for the ancient Aarhus art of Monkey Combat. Heading Down Under, and we're blitzed with iZiLoP PoP, the first release from Neuron Compost (one half of Contra-Coup). His fresh sound fuses lush morning melodies and bone-shaking basslines into a chaotic cacophony of sublimely digestible art. Travelling back to the Secret Surroundings of sinister Swedish forests, Derango deliver their vision of storming night time intensity. Next up is the first track to be released from Danish maestro The Vicious Spiral, his twisted interpretation of psychedelia will leave your brain twitching from synaptic overload. Finally, the last track ever written by Greek duo Weird Alchemy; Fucking System - responsible for all the weird sounds coming out of your loudspeakers!

Future releases: Tsabeat n Friends Album / Neuron Compost vs Hired Goons Album